the Bucket List feb 2016

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2016 The Year for a Grand Adventure

This is the year to make your move, to embark on a once in a lifetime grand journey by bicycle. Pedalers offers several extraordinary multi-week journeys across exotic landscapes, taking riders of voyages of discovery in Africa and Asia.

One of the grandest bucket list adventures is a trip to Mt Everest, rising above all of the surrounding Himalayas.  Pedalers has offered our Road to Everest for a few years now, taking cyclists from Tibet's capital Lhasa to the Everest Base Camp near Rongbuk Monastery.  This high altitude trip is not for everyone, but the rewards and memories are immeasurable.  While several companies offer cycling in the area, Pedalers is unique in that we enjoy indoor accommodation every night is small towns along the ride, while they camp out in open, windy meadows.  Learn More

Visions of the wildlife filled plains of Africa have danced through children's (and adults) imagination throughout time ... herds of zebra, prides of lions, colorful Maasai warriors, vast acacia trees shaped like giant umbrellas.  Pedalers offers this and more on our Serengeti to the Sea ride across Tanzania in Equatorial Africa.  Starting in the wildlife field national parks of Tanzania's high savanna country and finishing on the shores of the Indian Ocean, it is truly an African adventure of a lifetime.  Learn More

One can't leave out Shangri-la from a list like this and what better way to discover Himalayan paradise than on Pedalers Bike Across Bhutan. The long hidden Kingdom of Bhutan still preserves all of its traditions, culture and lifestyles, a chance to step back into the time in a country unscathed by modern progress.  Our grand journey here starts on the eastern border with India and traverses the kingdom from lowland rain forests to high alpine meadows, through small villages and fruit orchards, passed fortified temples and raging whitewater rivers.  Learn More

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Summer Getaways in the Americas

Pedalers draws cyclists and active travelers from around the world, but the vast majority of our guests are from North America. As we are often asked about rides closer to home, we wanted to highlight two great getaways in the Americas. 

The deep blue oceans and jagged volcanic ridges of the Hawaiian islands have long lured travelers to their shores.  Earlier visitors endured long sailings across the open oceans, while later travelers sat on slow propeller planes to reach the island, and these days jets whisk us there in a hurry.   But once you are there, slow down and explore the islands at the pace of a bicycle on our Hawaii - Island Dreamstour in the Big island of Hawai'i.  The week long ride lops the entirety of Hawai'i, from the never-ending black lava flows of Kona to the lush rain forests of Hamakua, from the grasslands of Kameula to the mists of Volcano.  Add in historic bed & breakfast lodges, great local grinds (food), push some scenic cycling and paradise just doesn't get any better.  Learn More

Turning our sights on the far northern reaches of the Americas, the vast wilderness expanses of Alaska call you to come explore, cycling through National Parks & Forests, along quiet highways, past cascading rivers and through lush forests.  Our Roadhouses & Craft Beers puts the finishing touches on the adventure with delightful Alaskan style lodging in historic roadhouses and inns complemented by nightly craft beer tastings featuring the many regional brews coming from Alaska based micro-breweries.  It is a tour you can only find from Pedalers.  Learn More

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Valentines Day Gift

Book any 2016 departure on any of our tours for you and your sweetheart, spouse, partner, best friend or family member and we will give you 15% off the Tour Cost.  That could be up to a $1500 savings for the two of you. 

Da fine print ... To qualify for the booking, you must book the trip for both of you on Valentine's Day (14 Feb 2016).  But since Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide, that time frame stretches for 48 hours, from 00:01 on 14 February Samoa time until 23:59 on 14 February Baker Island time.  Break out the time zone calculator, sign up the fun, then start dusting off the passport and travel bags.

ps: We're Fast

Did you know that Pedalers' website maybe the fastest among bicycle touring companies?  We recently compared load times for our website with that of a number of our competitors, comparing homepages and tours of similar length. All of our competition hovered between 1400ms and 2600ms average time to load (ie time until you see the webpage) versus our 650ms.

"Pedalers Pub & Grille isn't a restaurant. We are a bike touring company that loves exploring the world! Join a Pedalers' bike tour to discover the hidden wonders and extraordinary foods we've found!"