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Pedalers - handcrafted bicycle tours and cycling holidays in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Extraordinary bike tours to Thailand, Bali, Bhutan, Tanzania, Hawaii, Vietnam, Alaska, Madagascar, Laos, Tibet, Cambodia and more.
Pedalers offers a variety of exclusive cycling tours to exotic destinations in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Carefully designed, fully supported, imaginative routes featuring great rides, boutique accommodations local expert guides and more.
Unique cycling tours in Thailand from Pedalers - bike tours of northern Thailand, bike and sea kayaking in Thailand's Andaman region, multisport fun in Chiang Mai
Since 1987, Thailand's original bicycle touring company offering unique, fun bike tours through the kingdom. Cycle through Chiang Mai, Khao Lak, Krabi and more scenic locales, discover the awesome Thai cuisine at the best local restaurants.
Bali cycling tours from Pedalers - extraordinary bike tours around Indonesia's fabled island
Discover Indonesia's culture, food, history and landscapes from your bicycle on our unique Bali cycling holiday. 7 days in paradise.
Bhutan Bike Tour, Multisport Tours and Trekking from Pedalers - offering unique journeys through Asia since 1987
One of the first company's to offer bike tour in Bhutan, Pedalers offers several unique adventures in the Kingdom of Bhutan, biking across Bhutan or rafting, trekking and cycling mixed in enjoyable proportions.
Africa cycling tours and bicycle trips in Tanzania and Madagascar from Pedalers - offering great rides and imaginative destinations since 1987
Bike Tanzania from the Serengeti to the Sea or bicycle Madagascar's parks and villages. Discover Africa off the beaten safari trail mountain biking with Pedalers' local guides and knowledge. Boutique lodges, spectacular routes, regional expertise.
Unique bike tours in Alaska from Pedalers - cycling the far northern reaches since 1996
A variety of bicycle tours in Alaska, biking the Alaska Highway, cycling around the state sampling craft beers or exploring the Yukon on a cycling holiday.
Vietnam Bike Tours from Pedalers - multisport adventures and cycling holidays in northern Vietnam
Fun trips through Vietnam by bike, sea kayak and foot, discover northern Vietnam on a bicycle tour with trips that visit Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa, Ba Be National park and more.
Bicycle tours in Bermuda cycling on the Bermuda with Pedalers
Bike the quiet roads and rail trails of Bermuda, learn about its slightly notorious history and sample island cuisine.
Burma cycling tours from Pedalers - bike tour through rural and historic Myanmar off the beaten path
Bicycle tours in Myanmar, opening up this ancient country through the eyes of local guides. Boutique lodging and great food while cycling Myanmar's scenic rural roads.
Bike tour in Tibet and Nepal from Pedalers - offering the only inn to inn tour to Everest basecamp by bike
Exclusive cycling tours in Tibet, biking inn to inn from Lhasa to the Everest base camp, indepth cycling holidays through Nepal, from the imaginative leader in cycling tours to bucket list destinations.
Laos and Cambodia cycling tours - Pedalers - bike around Angkor Wat, bicycle through Luang Prabang
Imaginative cycling tours in Laos and Cambodia, exploring colonial French Indochina and ancient Angkor Wat.
The Top Ten Reasons to Tour With Pedalers
All the reasons you need to choose Pedalers for your next bike tour in SE Asia, the Himalayas, Africa and the Americas.
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Northern Highlights - Thailand Bicycle Tour - Pedalers offering Thailand bike tours and Chiang Mai cycling holidays since 1987.
A unique bicycling tour in Chiang Mai and its surroundings, soak in hot springs, visit ethnic villages, enjoy the best Thai cuisine & boutique inns. Recognized as one of the 50 Tours of a Lifetime by National Geographic Traveler Magazine.
Thailand Land & Sea - cycle and sea kayak Andaman coast - Since 1987 Pedalers providing Thailand cycling holidays and Phuket bicycle tours
An exclusive Thailand adventure holiday, bike touring and sea kayaking along the Andaman Coast. Enjoy boutique inns, regional Thai cuisine, local guides.
Exeriences Chiang Mai - mountain bike, raft, trek, canoe, cook - A Pedalers original Thailand multisport tour
Choose your fun, bicycling, white water rafting, canoeing, trekking in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Relax at night in boutique inns, be adventurous during the days.
Colonial Luang Prabang - bicycle tour in Laos - Pedalers cycling and cultural exploration of colonel French Indochina
A historic cycling holiday in Laos, exploring historic Luang Prabang and its surroundings in depth, Hmong villages, elephant riding, historic inns.
Wonders of Angkor Wat - A Pedalers bike tour through Cambodia's UNESCO World Heritage Site plus Tonle Sap Lake
In depth bike tour in Cambodia, exploring ancient Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap Lake's floating cities, discover hidden wonders with local experts.
Bali Paradise Ride - Indonesia bike tour - Pedalers offering Bali bicycle tours and Bali cycling holidays since 1987
Bali bicycle tour, visit ancient temple complexes, cycle thru emerald rice paddies and beautiful coastlines. Beachfront inns, Balinese cuisine.
Historic Heartland of Burma - Myanmar bicycle tour from Pedalers - Exploring Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake while cycling
Vietnam Highlights - Multisport tour from Pedalers, bicycling and sea kayaking in northern Vietnam and central Vietnam
An adventure holiday in Vietnam, cycling historic Hue & Hoi An, bicycling in Mai Chau and sea kayaking in Ha Long Bay, with expert local guides.
Hilltribes of the North - An exclusive mountain bike tour through Vietnam's northern hidden valleys and remote villages
A mountain bike tour exploring the rarely visited regions of Ba Be and the Chinese border. Dramatic landscapes, great local foods and guides.
Discover Bhutan - Bicycle, White water raft and trek Bhutan - Explore the hidden kingdom with Pedalers multisport trips
A unique multisport holiday in Bhutan, biking, white water rafting and hiking in this mythical kingdom, an extraordinary family tour.
Bike Across Bhutan - Exclusive bicycle tour of the Himalayas - Pedalers offering Bhutan bike tours and cycling holidays since 2004
Pedaling across a Himalayan Kingdom, biking through remote rural villages, dramatic landscapes, historic temples and cultural wonders.
The Road to Everest - High altitude bicycling tour in Tibet - Exclusive adventure holiday from Pedalers
A once in a lifetime cycling holiday in Tibet, the only inn to inn bicycle tour from Lhasa to Mt Everest base camp, high altitude adventure.
Bike Madagascar - African cycling holiday - Pedalers offering eco-adventures by bicycle in Madagascar
Discover the unique flora and fauna of fabled Madagascar, bike thru quiet villages, learn about local customs on this unique cycling holiday.
Bicycle from the Serengeti to the Sea - Tanzania bike tour from Pedalers - discover culture, wildlife and African landscapes
Africa by bike, a journey from the animal filled plains of Serengeti to historic towns on the Indian Ocean. An unmatched Tanzania bicycle tour.
Craft Beers & Roadhouses - unique bicycle tour through Alaska from Pedalers - craft brews and historic lodges
An extraordinary bike tour through Alaska, cycling the vast landscapes, relaxing in historic roadhouses and sampling the best local craft brews.
BEARS - Bicycling Extraordinary Alaska Roads - Pedalers with Alaska bike tours and Alaska cycling holidays
Cycling discovery of Alaska, looping through Denali, Fairbanks, Prince William Sound and Anchorage, scenic camps, quiet lodges, vast panoramas.
Great Alaska Highway Ride - Bicycling the Al-Can Highway - Alaska cycling holidays since 1996
The original bicycle tour up the full length of the famed Al-Can Highway, the ultimate wilderness road bike tour thru the Yukon & Alaska. Recognized as one of the best new tours in 1996 by Outside Magazine.
Hawaii Island Dreams - Hawaiian bicycle tour - Pedalers cycling holiday around the Big Island of Hawai'i
Cycling holiday through old Hawai'i, visiting plantation towns, lush rainforests, pedaling past towering volcanoes and along blue oceans. Recognized as one of the best new tours in 1996 by Outside Magazine.
Bermuda bicycle tour with sea kayaking, great for a long weekend getaway.
A four day island getaway from Pedalers, cycling Bermuda from tip to tail, sea kayaking with sea turtles, discovering Bermuda's history and colorful lifestyle. Getaway from the city, relax island style.
Local Expert Bicycle Guides on all Pedalers bike tours
Pedalers cycling tours bring you an insiders look into our destinations with local expert guides and cyclists, not tip trolling schmoozers flown in from the mother ship.
Traveling Responsibly is the way we have always traveled
Boutique Inns & Resorts on Pedalers Bike Tours
Comfortable Camping and Bicycle Touring go hand in hand with Pedalers
We camp well on our bike tours, spacious tents, warm sleeping bags, incredible gourmet dinners and views that won't quit on our Alaska bike tours and our Bhutan bike tours
Cycling tours and Culinary tours rolled into one
Pedalers' bike tours provide a focus on regional cuisine with meals at the best local restaurants and cafes. Our cycling guides know what to suggest to suit most any palette.
Exclusive, well researched routes along quiet byways
Our bike tours and cycling holidays follow well researched routes through lesser known regions of the world, Discover the world on our Thailand bike tours, Bhutan multisport tours, Tanzania mountain bikes trips and more.
What do you get with your Pedalers tour
Pedalers provides most all of the gear you need to enjoy one of our cycling tours in Thailand, Bali, Bhutan, Tanzania, Hawaii and other great bucket list destinations in Asia, Africa and the Americas..
The Bucket List - Pedalers' Newsletter
The Bucket List a sporadic newsletter from the folks at Pedalers about our bicycle tours and multisport adventures, tips and tidbits about travel and anything else we might find interesting.
Pedalers' Booking Terms & Conditions
A must read before booking your bike tour, multisport tour or cycling holiday with Pedalers
Custom Trips or Private Dates for You, Your Family, Friends or Business Associates
Pedalers can customize a great adventure for your group be it only 2 or 20 people. Discover what we can do for you in Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, Alaska, Hawaii and more.
Cancellation FAQ
Ancient Kingdoms Ride - The original Thailand bike tour - Pedalers since 1987 offering Thailand Bicycle tours and Thailand cycling holidays
Thailand bicycle tour, visit UNESCO Heritage Sites Sukhothai & Kamphaeng Phet, the lush northern forests & villages, enjoy Thai cuisine & boutique inns.
Kingdom of Bhutan - The original Bhutan bike tour, bicycling in Shangri-la since 2004.
A Bhutan cycling holiday, exploring the hidden kingdom and its many wonders. Discover ancient Dzongs, colorful villages, chili & cheese.
Klondike Gold - bicycle tour through the Yukon - Pedalers exclusive cycling holiday in the Yukon territory of Canada
Cycling thru history, following the prospector's path to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 in the Yukon Territory, bike from mountains to the sea.
Alaska Yukon Adventure - bicycling the most scenic highways - Pedalers offering Alaska cycling holidays and Yukon bike tours
Cycling the most dramatic landscapes of Alaska and the Yukon Territory, a bike tour along the four most scenic roads in the north.
Beyond Kathmandu - Nepal Bicycle Tour - Pedalers offering Himalayan bike tours since 1996
Discover the many sides of Nepal, exploring the foothills of the Himalayas, the Terai Plains, Chitwan National Park, Pokhara and more by bike.
Pedalers - handcrafted bicycle tours and cycling holidays in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Extraordinary bike tours to Thailand, Bali, Bhutan, Tanzania, Hawaii, Vietnam, Alaska, Madagascar, Laos, Tibet, Cambodia and more.
Pedalers offers a variety of exclusive cycling tours to exotic destinations in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Carefully designed, fully supported, imaginative routes featuring great rides, boutique accommodations local expert guides and more.
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In The Saddle - thoughts and ramblings from the crew at Pedalers
Pedalers blog about life, our bike tour destination, great foods and more. Random thoughts, destination details and recipes from the road.
Discover Lhasa
The Ancient Walled City of Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai in an adventure center that also offers unique foods and cultural discoveries. Learn more about this popular destination for Pedaler's Thailand bicycle tours.
Pad Prik Kang Kai Prik Thai Orn
Discover Laos
Yellow Curry Crab
Issan Minced Pork (laab mu)
Bhutan - A Hidden Himalayan Jewel
Bhutan, also known as Druk Yul or the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” is a secluded kingdom that miraculously remains untouched by the modern world and offers shelter from the glow of neon lights and the stale taste of fast food.
Pad Nor Mai Farang Nah Man Hoi Sai Kung (Fried Asparagus & Shrimp with Oyster Sauce)
Sweet Matrinated Pork
Bali, Indonesia - a Paradise for Pedaling
Bali, long fabled as a tropical, exotic hideaway is perfect for pedaling with year round warm climate, a unique culture, delicious local cuisine and great landscapes for a bike tour.
Yum Hed (Shittake Mushroom Salad)
Green Curry with Chicken
Discover Kathmandu
Pha Kung (shrimp salad)
Fabled Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat a great bicycle touring destination
Bangkok Layovers
Tum Kha Gai
Pad Ped Mu (red curry pork)
Hanoi Vietnam - Great cycling escape
Fried Chicken with Basil
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Travel Insurance - always a good investment
Travel Insurance from World Nomads for your bicycle tour or multisport trip
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